Combating fatigue

Fatigue is a symptom, rather than a specific disease or disorder. People who are fatigued feel tired all the time – in both body and mind.

What is Fatigue
This can present as having slowed reflexes and reduced function in daily life. Excessive tiredness is a known risk factor in motor vehicle and workplace accidents. If you are suffering from chronic tiredness – that is, fatigue persisting over a long period of time a checkup at the Chiropractor may well be of great assistance

What Causes Fatigue
A wide range of causes that can trigger fatigue include:

  • Poor body alignment and nervous system interference

  • Undiagnosed medical conditions

  • Unhealthy lifestyle choices

  • Workplace issues

  • Emotional concerns and stress.

Fatigue Diagnosis
Fatigue can have a range of symptoms and be caused by many different factors, this means diagnosis can be difficult. Your Chiropractor may diagnose fatigue using a number of tests including:

  1. Medical history – recent events such as childbirth, medication, surgery or bereavement may contribute to fatigue.

  2. Physical examination – to check for signs of illness or disease and structural changes irritating the nerves. The Chiropractor may also ask detailed questions about diet, lifestyle and life events.

  3. Tests – this may include blood tests, urine tests, x-rays and other investigations.

Fatigue Treatment
Chiropractic often helps fatigue sufferers by ensuring the proper functioning of the body, eliminating poor balance, stress and muscle fatigue due to poor spinal alignment.
Chiropractors can also give advice on diet and exercise strategies. Correction of these interference's allows your body function properly and gives you energy to burn.

Kate Granger