An Active Healthy Winter

Winter Worries

School holidays are over and the kids are back into routine for the last month of Winter. We are still seeing those pesky Winter colds and people are still finding it hard to keep motivated before that beautiful Spring sun creeps through.

But because we believe it’ll be a slow start to the Spring and this Winter weather may hang around into mid-September; here are some important tips and tricks to keep active and stay healthy during those colder days forecast.

What to do?

#1) Prep, Prep and more Prep!
If you’re not a morning person, but aim to work out in the morning, try to get everything from your breakfast to your gym bag ready the night before — maybe even put it in your car.

#2) Treat yourself with some new Winter gear.
It’s never too late to invest in some Winter attire. The sales are on and making sure to layer yourself is key to get you motivated to brave the elements

#3) Two is better than one.
If you find it hard to get that motivation; convince a friend to join the challenge with you. Not only will you convince each other to stay on track; you’ll be socialising as well!

#4) Try something new?
Winter means there’s a range if new and exciting sports starting. If your sick and tired of the same gym program then branch out and try something new! The season has been great to explore snow sports over at Thredbo and Perisher.

#5) Enjoy the food of the season!
Before the Spring and Summer sun comes and we start complaining about those 40-degree days. Enjoy the good goods of Winter that you’ll miss for the next year. Seasonal fruits and vegetables are flavourful and full of nutrition and antioxidants. Hearty, homemade soups will be satisfying and warm. Roasting is a great way to bring out the flavours of Brussels sprouts, greens like kale

So, what are you waiting for?

Kate Granger